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[Bukkit] DynMap

Very easy to use and configure


  • Real time map over viewer

/!\ This plugin does not work properly /!\


To configure the plugin, just edit this file :

  • You absolutely need to modify the default configuration so your map updates correctly.

[b]Change the port[/b]

# The TCP-port the webserver will listen on.
webserver-port: 8123

Change value 8123 for a port between 1025 and 65535, but not the same port as the game server..

  • Example :
webserver-port: 8125

Someone on the same machine as you might be using this port too, that's why we don't recommend using it.

[b]2] Change the IP address by that of your game server

# The network-interface the webserver will bind to ( for all interfaces, for only local access).

Change value for your game server's IP.

  • Example :

3]How to disable dynmap chat box ?

Replace this in the file configuration.txt :

# showchat: modal/balloons
   showchat: balloons
   messagettl: 0


You just need to paste the IP and PORT your have defined, into your web browser's address bar:

Example :